Big Bingo Night @ Tropicana Princess Casino

Big Bingo Night @ Tropicana Princess Casino

On Friday, December 2, Tropicana Princess Casino presents their Big Bingo Night! Bingo game is well known as a go-to activity for seniors, but it turns out that it can provide far more than entertainment. If you or a loved one enjoy playing this popular game, you may be surprised to learn that it has some important health benefits!

Mental Stimulation

It’s no secret that keeping the brain active is a key in lowering the risk of cognitive decline. Believe it or not, an invigorating round of Bingo is a great way to stretch those mental muscles.

Bingo is a fast-paced game. It requires players to remember the numbers as they are called and locate them quickly on their card. For players, who choose to play more than one card at a time, it can be especially challenging.

Bingo is great for reinforcing skills such as concentration and short-term memory, which tend to decline with age. Many seniors have issues with reflexes and coordination, but hand-eye coordination skills can benefit from the demands of a game of Bingo since it requires players to quickly place chips on the corresponding squares of their cards.

Bingo can even be adapted for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. It can help to improve cognition and can help stimulate memory and thought processes for patients in varying stages of memory loss. Some common adaptations include playing with smaller groups, using cards with larger print or higher contrast, and asking players to identify colours, animals, or other familiar objects rather than just letters and numbers.

Therefore, Tropicana Casino refuses to use electronic bingo machines and has kept running the game played by marking the bingo cards manually.

Better Emotional and Physical Health

In addition to mental stimulation, playing Bingo also has some pretty impressive emotional and physical benefits! A game of Bingo is typically a fun-filled event where players have the opportunity to laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins – the body’s “feel-good” chemicals. This creates an over-all sense of wellbeing and can even have some pain-relieving effects. Laughter also relieves stress and can even boost the immune system!

Bingo can also help seniors to form and maintain important social connections. Seniors who remain socially active typically enjoy better health and happier lives. They have lower risk of loneliness or depression, lower blood pressure, and stronger immune systems.

Getting to know other regular Bingo players contributes to a sense of community and belonging. It may even lead to forming friendships that extend beyond the game.

Tropicana Princess Casino

Anyone can step in and play bingo – no reservation needed. Participants can play multiple games, which start every hour on the dot between 6:00pm and 1:00am. The local Destiny Band will provide sweet tunes while the bingo-lovers play.

Tropicana Princess Casino is centrally located and has ample and convenient parking. Clieve’s kitchen serves food and drinks all night long, including homemade soup from Arena Base Cafe.

Tropicana Princess Casino is located on Welfare Road #34 in Cole Bay and is open daily from 11:00am until 3:00am. For more information, call +1 721 544 565.

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