One boat-load of jokes

One boat-load of jokes

Q: What is a sailor’s favourite letter of the alphabet?

A: C (Sea).

Q: Why was the sailor put in time-out?

A: He was naughty-cal.

Q: Why did the sailboat want to dance with the motor boat?

A: Because he liked her a yacht.

Q: What do sailors play when they’re bored?

A: Cards – because they always have a deck.

Q: How do you make a sick sailboat feel better?

A: Give it some Vitamin Sea.

Q: Where do you take a sick sailboat?

A: To the nearest doc.

Q: How do ocean sailors say hello to each other?

A: They wave.

Q: When do sailors eat dinner?

A: Maritime.

Q: Why did the sailboat crash into the dock.

A: It was closer than it a-PIER-ed.

Q: Why was the sailor so early for the party?

A: He got there Schooner than expected.

Q: What laundry detergent do sailors use?

A: Tide!

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