Learning to cook with Chef Davide

Learning to cook with Chef Davide

Recently, students from Sister Regina Primary School rolled up their sleeves and learned to make lasagne completely from scratch, under the guidance of Chef Davide Zagami. That means they started with the very basics of pasta-making: using flour and eggs, mixing the dough by hand, and rolling it into shape with a special pasta machine.

Learning to cook is one of the most important things you can do; and kids should learn about this life-skill from young, as long as it’s safe. (An adult has to be with you, and you can’t play in the kitchen!) Cooking teaches you about patience, creativity, measurements, independence, experimentation, following instructions, and even chemistry – not to mention, there is a delicious reward.

Chef Davide owns one of the island’s top restaurants, Sale & Pepe, where he cooks and serves Italian food – especially food from his home-town of Sicily. Sicily is located at the very Southern tip of Italy, and is famous for fresh and delicious food, including lots of different pastas, breads, seafood, and dishes featuring citrus fruit (such as lemons and oranges). It is also home to the world-famous dessert cannoli.

Chef Davide learned to cook from his parents, and wants to pass on cooking skills to kids. The kids from Sister Regina Primary had a fun time learning to cook pasta from scratch, and Chef Davide would like to share his experience with other school children. He told The KIDS Herald that it’s important that kids learn about cooking and fresh food, and he is happy to share his experience by teaching.

Teachers of primary schools or high schools (not students), who are interested in having a cooking workshop for students at their school, can contact Sale & Pepe and ask to speak to Chef Davide.

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