Carnival Jokes – Part 1

Carnival Jokes – Part 1

Why was the potato so happy during the parade?

He was made for chippin’.

Would a pony have done well at the Junior Calypso competition?

Not really, it would be a little horse.

Why did the cat sign up for steel pan lessons?

To make some sweet mewsic.

Why do vegetarians like carnival?

Because they love the beets.

Why are animals banned from all competitions?

To avoid potential cheetahs.

How did the reveller feel after dancing for miles?

Happy, but de-feeted.

What would a chicken bring to the concert?


Why was the musician disqualified from the contest?

He was causing treble.

What colour would a cat’s costume be?


Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Benjamin who?

I’ve Benjamin for the door, I’m tired!

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