Create and WIN with Paradise Pet Shop

Create and WIN with Paradise Pet Shop

Calling all young animal lovers with a knack for art!

The Daily Herald is teaming up with Paradise Pet Shop to host an art contest, especially for kids who just love their pets. Each child is allowed no more than one entry.

Paradise Pet Shop has toys, treats, habitats, food and much more for all sorts of different animals. We’re not only talking about dogs and cats, you’ll find lots of goodies here for birds, turtles, fish, bunnies – you name it! Some small pets are also available, waiting to go home with loving families. The team is happy to share everything you need to know about proper pet care.

Now, let’s get to the contest details! We want to see your beautiful pet. Send us a drawing, sketch, or even a painting of them.

Two winners will be selected, each receiving a US $25 gift certificate to Paradise Pet Shop. One winner will be chosen for the 5-8 age group and one for the 9-12 age group. Both winners will also have their pictures shared in the newspaper, along with their artwork.

Submit entries at the Office of The Daily Herald on 22 Bush Road, between 9:30am and 2:30pm on weekdays. The deadline is in three weeks – October 25.

Paradise Pet Shop is located at Airport Road 61 in Simpson Bay, near Beautique. For more information, have an adult call +1 721 542-5424 or find it on Facebook@ paradisepetshopsxm.