‘WePlanet’ emerges as winner of OECS Island Ideas Challenge

‘WePlanet’ emerges as winner of  OECS Island Ideas Challenge

WePlanet by Eco-Defenders, Commonwealth of Dominica.

CASTRIES, St. Lucia--The inaugural OECS Island Ideas Challenge welcomed over 750 ideas from across the Caribbean in the areas of business, agriculture, technology, sustainable development and education.

  Held as part of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Sustainable Development Movement (SDM) 2021, the Island Ideas Challenge sought to support regional development by providing an opportunity for Caribbean nationals around the world to secure up to US $5,000 for a programme, event, project or business idea.

  Following a multi-phased and rigorous selection process – which included online voting and deliberations by a panel of experts – WePlanet, an environmentally conscious social enterprise based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, emerged as the winner.

  WePlanet is an app developed by Eco-Defenders, an enthusiastic group of young women striving to protect and improve the natural environment in the Caribbean for present and future generations by making small positive changes. One of the first problems the WePlanet app tackles is the use of disposable plastic bags in supermarkets across the Commonwealth of Dominica. Through partnerships with businesses from small local vendors to regional companies, WePlanet provides rewards to consumers for shopping with reusable shopping bags through its loyalty points programme.

  “WePlanet is more than just an initiative,” the company said. “It seeks to build a more environmentally conscious society focusing on Sustainable Development Goals 12-15.”

  Online voting for the Island Ideas Challenge peaked at approximately 7,000 votes, highlighting the people’s choice for the top 20 regional ideas. ~ OECS ~