PM took Antigua’s relationship to new heights during China visit, diplomat says

   PM took Antigua’s relationship to new  heights during China visit, diplomat says

Chinese Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Zhang Yanling.


ST. JOHN’S, Antigua--Prime Minister (PM) Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda recently concluded a highly productive week-long visit to China, from January 22 to 28, marking a significant milestone in bilateral relations.

Chinese Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda, Zhang Yanling emphasised that the visit showcased the “new height, new heat and new breadth” of the relationship between the two nations.

The prime minister’s itinerary was packed with crucial engagements, including meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Le Chang. During these discussions, both sides expressed their commitment to strengthening ties and addressing mutual concerns. President Xi Jinping referred to Prime Minister Browne as a “true friend of the Chinese people”, while Browne conveyed Antigua and Barbuda’s willingness to be China’s most reliable partner, commending China’s unparalleled leadership in promoting world peace and development.

“The schedule of the visit was a very busy one, reflecting the vitality of the bilateral relations between China and Antigua and Barbuda,” stated Ambassador Zhang Yanling. The multifaceted visit encompassed not only high-level talks in Beijing but also visits to Jam Province and Shanghai, underscoring the comprehensive nature of the diplomatic engagement.

New heights in relations

The visit reached new heights, symbolised by the high-profile meetings between leaders. Prime Minister Browne’s interactions with President Xi Jinping, Premier Le Chang, and Chairman Jala G were instrumental in elevating bilateral relations. Both sides engaged in constructive dialogue on various issues, further solidifying their friendship and cooperation.

New heat – diplomatic prowess

Antigua and Barbuda holds the distinction of being the first country in the Eastern Caribbean region to establish diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China. Prime Minister Browne’s visit marked a significant diplomatic milestone, being the first Latin American and Caribbean leader to visit China in the new year. The warmth of relations was noted by the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Service, describing the weather in Beijing as chilly but underlining the warm relations between the two nations.

New breadth of cooperation

The breadth of cooperation was evident in the signing of numerous agreements covering a wide array of areas, including the Belt and Road Initiative, economic development, trade, transportation, climate change and visa exemptions. The signed cooperation documents have not only elevated the relationship to new heights but also expanded the scope of collaboration in various fields.

Ambassador Zhang highlighted the profound friendship and close relations between the two sides, emphasising that the cooperation agreements signed during the visit underscore the significant emphasis on bilateral trade.

Prospects for bilateral trade

The agreements signed during Prime Minister Browne’s visit have laid the groundwork for substantial cooperation between China and Antigua and Barbuda. With a focus on the Belt and Road Initiative and global development, both nations are poised to explore new avenues in areas such as new energy, medicine, artificial intelligence and environmental protection.

To facilitate future bilateral trade, macro-level coordination of policies has been prioritised. The economic and trade development agreement signed during the visit serves as an institutional guarantee for promoting bilateral trade. Additionally, efforts will be made to leverage existing platforms for enhanced cooperation.

Prime Minister Browne’s visit to China has not only strengthened the high-level relations between the two countries but has also laid the foundation for comprehensive cooperation across diverse sectors. ~ Antigua News Room ~

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