Investment opportunities in the Caribbean to be highlighted at Caribbean Investment Forum 2023

   Investment opportunities in the Caribbean to be  highlighted at Caribbean Investment Forum 2023

Executive Director of Caribbean Export Deodat Maharaj.

NASSAU, The Bahamas--The Caribbean Investment Forum 2023, a premier event focused on promoting investment opportunities in the Caribbean region, is set to take place from October 23 to 25, at the luxurious Royal Atlantis Hotel in Nassau, The Bahamas. According to a press release from the Caribbean Export Development Agency, the event aims to showcase the Caribbean’s potential as a hub for sustainable development, innovation, and economic growth.

Hosted by the Caribbean Export Development Agency, the forum will gather heads of government, industry leaders, ministers, and investors from across the world to discuss and explore investment prospects in the Caribbean. With the theme “A Bold New Caribbean,” the forum will shed light on the region’s efforts to attract foreign investment and foster economic transformation.

Executive Director of Caribbean Export Deodat Maharaj highlighted the immense investment opportunities available in the Caribbean during a recent interview with The European. Maharaj emphasised three key sectors as prime investment priorities: agriculture with a focus on technology, green economy transition, and innovation and digitalisation. He stressed that the Caribbean’s rich potential for agricultural innovation could significantly reduce the region’s food import bill, promoting self-sufficiency and economic growth.

Maharaj further highlighted the Caribbean’s readiness to embrace the digital age, making it a welcoming destination for businesses in the field of technology and innovation. He also pointed out the region’s commitment to building a green economy to combat climate change, offering incentives for investors interested in sustainable initiatives.

“The Caribbean is a sea of stability in a world of uncertainty,” Maharaj said, highlighting the region’s political stability, good governance, and well-educated workforce as key factors that make it an attractive investment destination. He noted that the Caribbean’s literacy rate of around 96% and its emphasis on education create a strong foundation for business growth and development.

The Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 will provide a platform for attendees to learn more about the Caribbean’s potential for growth, investment incentives, and business-friendly environment. It will serve as an opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between local and international stakeholders.

With a goal to achieve a consistent 15% to 20% growth in foreign direct investment over the next several years, the Caribbean Export Development Agency is focused on building a strong foundation for economic resilience and development.

Investors, policymakers, and industry leaders interested in exploring the investment opportunities in the Caribbean are encouraged to participate in the Caribbean Investment Forum 2023. For more information and to register for the event, please visit the official website at

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