Electric bikes must now be registered with GRA – Police

Electric bikes must now be  registered with GRA – Police

Persons riding electric bikes.


GEORGETOWN, Guyana--Electric motorcycles will now have to be registered with the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

  The announcement was made on Friday by the Guyana Police Force.

  The Force further advised that persons under the age of 16 must desist from riding these bikes, while those over 16 must have a valid motorcycle licence to operate them.

  For some time now, the police and GRA have been discussing the regularisation of these bikes.

  “The Guyana Police Force has engaged the GRA towards the implementation of rules governing their use,” top cop Clifton Hicken had announced during the Police Officers’ Conference last year.

  “We’ve seen persons using these bikes – there is no age limit … we’re in discussion to ensure those things are regularised,” he subsequently told media operatives.

  The issue of the usage of electric bikes on the roadways is not new. Concern has been expressed by many road users over the use of electric-type cycles, especially by young children, many of whom do not know traffic signs and laws.

  In November 2021, Officer-in-charge of Traffic in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), Assistant Superintendent Raun Clark had expressed concern over the use of electric bikes on public roadways.

  He had lamented that there is no law for the Traffic Department to enforce against the users of those cycles. He also expressed concern that there is no standard age range to use them.

  “So, what we find is that we have children using these cycles with no prior knowledge as it relates to the rules of the road, and they are using the cycles weaving in and out of traffic, which is very dangerous. One of the disadvantages with the electric cycles is that they do not keep any noise so as to alert other road users, including drivers, that they are approaching. So, what you find is that these cycles [are – Ed.] travelling at a fast rate of speed and are upon you without any prior indication,” Clark had noted.

  In January 2022, Divisional Traffic Officer of Division 4A (Georgetown), Deputy Superintendent Timothy Williams had argued that policies would need to be implemented to cater for those citizens who traverse the roadways with electric bikes.

  “That is a source of concern, those electric bikes. Presently, they are operating unchecked simply because there is no documentation. These bikes are not registered by GRA, so they are operating unchecked,” he had explained. ~ iNews Guyana ~

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