Choix celebrates its tenth anniversary

Choix celebrates its  tenth anniversary

Friendships are a constant at Choix, then and now.


PORT-AU PRINCE, Haiti--The School of Choice (“l’École de Choix” or “Choix”) is honoured to celebrate ten years of operations in Haiti, and looks forward to its next decade, according to a press release from Choix.

  It says, “While some things at Choix remain the same, we also can rely on one thing always to change: our students grow up and develop.”

  “We have weathered some storms during our first decade – both literal and figurative – and currently Haiti faces challenges that are more profound than at any time in Choix’s 10-year history. Yet, Choix and our community stand strong. Indeed, in times of crisis, our students, families, faculty and community members turn to us as a source of safety, knowledge and strength.

  According to the release, Choix has been able to stand with Haiti only because its partners have stood with it for the past 10 years.

  It adds, “The past 10 years have demonstrated that there is no quick fix to the country’s systemic challenges and that a stronger country requires more than simply stronger buildings. What is needed: a vision for the future and leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to make that vision a reality. Quality education offers that sustainable foundation to move forward and our Choix students are hungry to arrive at school every day to access it.”

  Choix says it acknowledges Haiti’s present, but is building for Haiti’s future. It hopes the reader will consider an exceptional contribution to Choix in honour of its 10th anniversary year so that, “together, we can continue to provide young Haitians with an opportunity to choose a brighter path for themselves, their community and their country.”

  It says there are many ways to partner with Choix and make a difference in the lives of Haitian students, outlined in the Choix Guide to Giving.

  Possibilities include sponsoring a Choix student or supporting a Choix graduate with a scholarship. Not only does this partnership offer sustained support to Choix’s budget, but sponsors are able to communicate with Choix students and grads through Choix’s online portal, with all messaging being monitored by Choix’s Campus Director).

  The release states, “In one message from a student to his sponsor, 11th grader Reginald wrote: ‘I am really happy to have you as my sponsor. Despite the situation in my country, I will continue to work hard because I have a dream, and this gives me more encouragement to prove to you that your efforts are not in vain. It is for this reason that The School of Choice can be proud of us and motivate the Choix community to help other children achieve their goals’.”

  The release concludes by thanking those who are already sponsors or scholarship providers, adding, “Your partnership allows us to be here for our students – today and tomorrow.”