Chang welcomes technology transfer opportunities at Pinnacle development

Chang welcomes technology transfer  opportunities at Pinnacle development

A pile being driven into the earth.


ST. JAMES, Jamaica--Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Member of Parliament for St. James North Western Dr. Horace Chang was left visibly wowed with the technology being utilised by Brothers Concepts Solutions as they kick-started work on high-rise development The Pinnacle in Reading, St. James.

DPM Chang was present for the start of the piling work at the location on Saturday, and he was met with a new, state-of-the-art piling system that is said to be the first of its kind not only in Jamaica, but the entire Caribbean.

“It’s an impressive piece of work. It shows a level of technology transfer that is totally new in Jamaica – in fact, I’m told it’s new to the Caribbean,” he said after the first pile was driven on Saturday morning.

“They have friends in Guyana who are enquiring about this machine because it is a fairly new kind of machine for this kind of thing,” he added.

The equipment, which is about 600 tonnes, is worth approximately US $1 million.

DPM Chang was even more overjoyed at what it means for the local construction sector, especially for Jamaican workers who will come in contact with this new technology.

“Besides the impressive nature of the equipment, they are bringing technology to Jamaica that we need and they are teaching Jamaicans how to operate, how to manage the entire operation,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Yangsen Li of LCH Developments, developers of the project, said that at least 200 individuals from the local workforce will be employed during the construction phase.

“We have a programme to train Jamaican workers, and when this project is finished I think we will have our Jamaica team do another project,” he said.

DPM Chang welcomed the move by the developers to pass on the skills to their Jamaican counterparts.

“Jamaicans will acquire the skills – how to put this together, how to dismantle it and move it, and how to operate it – which is a key part of the technology transfer,” he stated.

He noted that people living in the general area will face little or no issues relating to noise and emission pollution from the equipment.

“There is absolutely no sound; it’s like an electric vehicle,” DPM Chang stated.

The machine will be responsible for piling the ground for the four towers being erected over the next four years. A whopping 400 piles will be utilised for each building to ensure that it remains solid against the elements. The speed with which it will accomplish that feat is something the minister welcomed as well.

“A total of 125 feet of pile within 15 minutes, that’s impressive,” he stated.

The development, when completed, will see four 28-storey towers plus villas, a country club, and other luxury-themed structures.

When completed, the towers will be the tallest in the Caribbean and are expected to change the Jamaican landscape as it relates to residential development.

“Each pile supports 400 to 500 tonnes and there will be 400 piles under each tower,” Li said, adding that the towers will be able to withstand strong earthquakes and category five hurricanes.

Chief Operating Officer for LCH Developments Tanya Golaub insisted that despite the scope of work, they will ensure that the environment is protected by working with the relevant agencies.

“We work along with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). We have implemented several different procedures that are required, even things that are outside of the scope of what NEPA will require,” she said.

Further to that, she said the technology being used will ensure that people who live and work in the vicinity will not be significantly impacted.

“What we are seeing now is an advancement in technology where there will be limited dust emissions and limited noise, and that will help as well,” she said.

With the US $350 million project now under way there is now a sense of joy within Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry at what it means for the parish.

“Everyone around is happy that the construction has begun and The Pinnacle is becoming a reality. This is good for Montego Bay, this is good for business, good for tourism, based on what they have in store,” President of the Chamber Oral Heaven stated. ~ Jamaica Observer ~

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