Youngest son

Dear Queenie,

  When I lost my job I had to move back in with my parents. I have 2 grownup brothers who also live there. One is living there too and the other is a drug addict and they both depend on our parents for everything, but our parents treat them like they are perfect angels.

  My problem is that both brothers pick on me and give me a hard time because I asked my parents for help and our parents don’t even try to stop them, in fact sometimes my parents seem to agree with them.

  Queenie, how can I defend myself?—Youngest son

Dear Son,

  Your brothers pick on you because it makes them feel better about themselves and your parents go along with it because they expect you will soon be doing better and moving out, while they will still have to deal with your older brothers.

  Pay no attention to your brothers, ask your parents to treat you at least a little better, and try to arrange to move out as soon as possible.