Unhappy wife

Dear Queenie,

  My husband and I were best friends when we got married. Then his mother moved back to where we live and she doesn’t like me, so she tried to make everyone else not like me too.

  She has said a lot of bad things about me to my husband and he believes her and things between us have changed.

  Queenie, if I wait and pray for it do you think he will change back to how he was when I married him?—Unhappy wife

Dear Wife,

  When your husband is around his mother he goes back to being what she raised him to be. Talk to him about this. If he is willing to try to be like he was when you married him, give him a chance to do so. If he needs help with it, get professional counselling for both of you – him to learn to be more like you would have him be, and you to learn how to help him do so, and how to cope with him when he reverts to his former self.