Dear Queenie,

  Is it against policy about management and the interaction with their employees for a general manager to use his position to sleep with the employees?

  Queenie, would it be wrong of me to expose him or should I keep my mouth shut?—Undecided

Dear Undecided,

  What you say this man is doing is wrong, of course. Whether it is “against policy” depends on the organisation in which he holds his position.

  Whether exposing him would be right or wrong depends on whether you know that what you are talking about is a provable fact, or it is simply a matter of workplace gossip. Passing on gossip would be wrong.

  It also depends on what you mean by “expose”. If you mean “make it public knowledge” or “publicise it”, that would be wrong. Doing that would merely smear this man’s and his victims’ reputations.

  However, if you are talking about a provable fact, it would not be wrong to report this man’s behaviour to his superiors in the organisation – to the Human Resources Department, if there is one.