Not a grandfather yet

Dear Queenie,

  I have a teenage son and I was afraid he would start having sex with his girlfriend so I tried to talk to him about being careful not to catch an STD or get her pregnant.

  I know he is careful about money, so I also gave him an arithmetic problem to solve. I told him if he got a girl pregnant he would have to pay child support until the kid turned 18, which would be maybe $300 per month for 18 years – $300 per month times 12 months per year times 18 years = $64,800, and twice that much if the girl has twins. Then I told him that when he is with a girl he should think if it is worth that much to him to have sex with her.

  Queenie, what do you think of my idea?—Not a grandfather yet

Dear Not a grandfather,

  I think it is a highly original idea, and I hope it works well for you – and for the sons of any other parents who read my column.