Molester’s victim

Dear Queenie,

  Years ago when I visited my aunt, her boyfriend hugged me from behind and rubbed himself against me. When I went home I told my parents but I don’t think they ever said anything to my aunt about it.

  Now my aunt has married her boyfriend, so he is my uncle and he comes to all our family gatherings, and I worry that he might do something to some of the young girls who are my cousins or my cousins’ kids.

  Queenie, should I tell someone? Who should I tell?—Molester’s victim


Dear Victim,

  A molester usually does not change his (or her!) habits without outside intervention, so it is important for your relatives to be informed so that their children can be protected. Talk to your parents again, and if they still refuse to say anything to anyone, talk to the parents of all the young girls in your family.

  They may not believe you, and they may be angry at you for what you are saying, but this is something they need to know.