Disgusted wife

Dear Queenie,

  When my husband and I go out to eat with his parents they don’t talk to us much because they are too busy commenting on all the other people in the place and afterward they have nothing but complaints about the place being too noisy or too crowded or too hot or too cold or too dark, they didn’t like the way the food was prepared, the service was too slow – whatever.

  This is not so much of a problem now, with all the COVID-19 restrictions, but hopefully that will be over before much longer.

  I find their behavior very unpleasant and would rather not go out with them, but my husband says they are not going to change and I should just put up with it the best I can.

  Queenie, what do you say?—Disgusted wife

Dear Wife,

  They are your in-laws and you are stuck with them. You do not have to go out with them every time, but for your husband’s sake go occasionally and try to bear with them as pleasantly as you can.