What have you done, from inside or the outside?

Dear Editor,

I stand corrected, but I cannot recall our Minister of Justice publicly blaming anyone for the cause of her department not complying with the desires of the in-excess-of-700 justice workers. If I have it right her explanation was that the governor wanted a little more information and explanation.

Why am I going down this road? Because for years now I have not seen any improvement in anyone vying for office in our government. Their motto is “Layback and lay and wait”.

As I continue, permit me to ask if there is a difference between “Judicial system” and “Justice system”. I ask this because, at the risk of being accused of nitpicking, I noted that in a letter to you, “Process of nation building is a priority”, in the enumeration of the consolidation of the pillars, “Justice system” was not mentioned. I believe I know why.

I have to point this out because I maintain that so many people have been in government since 2010. People who have profited and are still profiting, people who could have contributed, but did absolutely nothing, people who have seen an integral part of the justice system systematically degrade, now that the present Minister of Justice who fought and is still fighting tooth and nail to bring the justice system up to par, those same people are devious where it comes to criticizing the tireless efforts of the present Minister of Justice.

I read the letter to you concerning “… how police holding cells were managed in the past” and when I saw who it came from I automatically said to myself, “Twaalf ambachten, dertien ongelukken” (Jack of all trades, master of none).

Someone who also knows the individual called me and told me that he should be the last person to attack the Minister of Justice. My answer was, “Possibly he is thinking if others could use all kinds of indecent language and get votes via social media, he too could attack the Minister and also get votes.”

They are applying Trump’s tactics “Go at the man to get”. And the person “to get” for this election is the Minister of Justice Anna Richardson, because she is the most popular right now in the sight of people. If they did not jump on her they might have had a chance, but by jumping on her they draw attention to what she was and is still doing, which is tirelessly and selflessly trying to get rectification of monies owed to approximately 700 justice workers.

I will continue to highlight this kind of behaviour from aspiring politicians. Since the author of that letter is so well versed in the history of police holding cells, I will assume that he is also well versed in another integral part of police work, which is the traffic laws.

One of those laws, which plays a vital role in obstruction of the traffic, is the law concerning the layout and purpose of “bus stops”. I am citing this because the author of that letter, who is criticizing the minister on her views of how the holding cells were managed, claims to be a candidate for the NOW political party. So I am asking him to find out if his party leader was “confused” when he decided the manner in which those bus stops and bus-stop huts should be laid out and erected along Walter Nisbeth Road?

Not being biased, my advice would be to look up the laws concerning the layout of bus stops and even if it takes another half of a page of the newspaper, explain to the people the intention of bus stops and how they should be laid out and used.

Even though I am aware that politics and integrity do not go hand in hand, I still expect some kind of dignified behavior from the candidates of the various political parties. And lying is not showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect. That is just like James Russell wrote, wrong, wrong, wrong.

A word of advice: “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” And I would add for all of those critics of the Minister of Justice: She has a listening ear and an open door policy, make use of it.

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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