Tribute to Apostle Pearl

Dear Editor,

  While viewing the Memorial Service for my dear sister-in-law, Apostle Pearl, and listening to all the good things bestowed on her, it made me think of the good times I had with her and her daughters, Mshinda and Aisha, at home in Saunders, St. Maarten.

  Pearl was always ready to open her doors to welcome family members and friends. She always showed my wife and me a good time when we visited St. Maarten. She was a good entertainer. To me, her specialty was a good and passionate manager at the Cupecoy Resort.

  I can recall the first time, she accommodated my wife and me in a duplex suite overlooking the Caribbean Sea from our upstairs balcony, for the entire week, complimentary. Back on my job in New York, with Pan American Airway, I boosted what a great time I had. Since we fly that cost us nothing, my boss wanted to visit St. Maarten. Again, Pearl to the rescue. She accommodated my boss with the same complimentary accommodations. They loved it so much that they went back to St. Maarten for a second time, and Pearl greeted them with the same welcome, and complimentary stay at the resort.

  That’s the kind of Pearl I knew, giving and helping. My close friend was in St. Croix, and got caught in a hurricane, and the hotel they were staying got damage, flights to New York were cancelled for a few days, and it happens they got an island hopper flight to St. Maarten, to connect to New York next day. I called out to Pearl for assistance to them. Again, the good Samaritan stretched out to accommodate my friend and wife to a complimentary suite, washed all their clothing, sneakers and ironed and folded their clothes for next-day travel. These folks had never seen or had such service rendered to them in their travel lives. They could not stop in giving her high praises and thanks.

  In closing, Pearl was not only my sister-in-law, she is family. She became the Apostle Pearl Pantaleon, that carried on the message of God to the people. You have earned your place with our Heavenly Father. Here you will find eternal rest.

  Be Blessed.

Ferdinand Lee James and Family

Fort Pierce, Florida