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Dear Editor,

  There is a saying “The only way for evil to be triumphant is for good people to do nothing” In my opinion this could be applied in different cases. Where am I going with this? The people are aware of the tactics used by all of those governments since 10-10-’10.

  During all those years and before, the entrance to Little Bay hotel coming off the Little Bay road has been a delicate spot in traffic. I am very content that at last we are on our way to normalcy where the governing period is concerned. On Sunday morning two cars almost collided at that entrance because the one was about to turn into the entrance to Little Bay but luckily there was in time reaction from both drivers avoiding what would have been a sure collision had not the drives reacted in time.

  Being present, I checked the traffic situation on the spot (locally) and noticed that traffic approaching the entrance to Little Bay Hotel over the Little Bay road from both directions are forbidden to make a left or right turn to enter the passage to Little Bay Hotel which is indicated by the traffic signs number 24 and 25 of the St. Maarten traffic ordinance.

  I am highlighting this situation because of the increasingly irresponsible way drivers are conducting themselves on the roads of St. Maarten. The reason the way I started my letter to you. There are several other traffic situations that need looking into, which I hope the competent authorities will look into and rectify.

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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