To protect airport employees Mingo must go

Dear Editor,

  I called on the Princess Juliana International Airport Holding Company (PJIAH) on Wednesday to make haste to formalise the dismissal of CEO of PJIA Brian Mingo and save the airport employees from victimization.

  I have accused the CEO and other Dutch consultants of fleecing the airport, and I have been made to understand that the CEO is very pre-occupied with trying to determine how Members of Parliament are in possession of confidential information.

  Among several MPs raising concerning questions on Monday about the ongoing re-construction of the airport, I highlighted the amount of money consultants are being paid, the alleged double payment of Mingo, the benefits and perks of these same persons as well as the fact that the airport re-construction bottom line is now at US $131 million, up from US $107 million.

  I know that government has most if not all of the information that I presented in the Parliament meeting. It should not have been left to MPs to raise the issue. The government should have handled this situation already with the information they have. And if they don’t have it, it is negligence on their part. So, the question is now, will the government sit by and do nothing? MPs are the only people employees of these companies can turn to in order to be treated fairly and in the best interest of the country.

  Once again we see the airport CEO pre-occupied with things other than controlling cost overrun at the airport and the actual completion of the reconstruction. The Pandora’s box was opened and now he is reportedly hunting for someone to victimize.

  He is creating an unhealthy and dark atmosphere at the airport; as if airport employees don’t have to worry about enough such as possible loss of income and benefits, now they have to be concerned about a CEO that is unhinged. I urge the holding company to follow its corporate governance directives and as soon as possible dismiss the CEO of the airport. It should have happened already.

  I also urge the replacement of the operating board of PJIAE, who is empowering the CEO and contributing to the mismanagement of the airport reconstruction.

  A capable and caring leader would have taken the first opportunity after the grilling in Parliament to re-assure employees about the airport’s plans moving forward, in which they are included and treated fairly. Instead, the CEO and his right hand CFO [chief financial officer – Ed.] have yet to answer the employees’ questions about the money owed to them and their future status.

  Again his approach is a selfish one that seeks to protect himself and intimidate employees. This atmosphere at PJIA is not conducive for progress and definitely not a comfortable place for what should be a dedicated and committed workforce, something we have always known the airport employees to be. One person has negatively influenced that working spirit and it is time for that person to go and go now.

Christophe Emmanuel

Independent Member of Parliament