Three sides to the truth

Dear Editor,

  Permit me to publish these two lines to relieve my mind of the thoughts that are running through my head.

  After paying keen attention to the WhatsApp circulations about a certain politician and a BNB owner and having an ear to the radio interview with a lawyer in Curaçao, my senses picked up and I said something doesn’t seem right here.

  As the saying goes, there are 2 sides to the truth, but I say there are 3 sides, His side, her side and the truth. And so, in pursuit of the truth, to make this all make sense, I made plans to sit and speak with both parties individually.

  I decided to start with the BNB owner (the accuser) and so I was fortunate to get her cell number and I contacted her.

  She stated that she had no issues meeting with me as long as I can have someone known to her present.

  Humorously she said, “Just call names and if I know that person you can bring them with you.”

  I understood why the accuser wanted someone present known to her. I had seen a WhatsApp message threatening to cause harm to the accuser, the BNB lady. I understand that her request was a fair request and I complied.

  Yesterday, February 1, we met in the comfort of her beautiful garden in a sitting area under a flowering mango tree to our right and a coconut tree to our left. There we proceeded to ask questions about her claims and what did she have to say about the recent radio interview and the politician’s claims and the recent paid press release.

  Now this is where the viewing of videos, WhatsApp messages, and photos to back up the videos shown to us begins. To go beyond this, my accompanying partners (2 of them), got to see documents addressed to her that clearly appeared to our senses to cause financial harm and to be a target of further injustice to the BNB owner, a pensioner, a citizen of St. Maarten of 40-plus decades.

  Composing my emotions and my anger, my one question to this lady was, “With all this information and evidence why not take this matter to court knowing that you are being threatened to be taken to court by the very vocal politician?”

  The BNB owner responded, “I’ve stated over and over and I’ve made it clear to the politician and to her Curaçao lawyer to take me to court, let them be the ones for the public display and for the loss of her husband’s job which I plan to include and present these documents to the court.”

  In our conclusion, there are three sides to the truth and from what we have seen, with this kind of evidence, I will not look for the third side of the truth.

  Case closed! Let’s talk about the sum to be compensated!


Keithlyn Peters

The Daily Herald

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