The Paradise Frontier

Dear Editor,

  The Paradise Frontier is based on the engraved stones with the established Treaty of Concordia in 1648. The treaty is one of the most important symbols of values laid down between the Dutch and French parts of the island. It is supported by columns of stones at the major entree points at the borders. The treaty is also an important tourist attraction for the island and future educational advancement in modern historical events.

  This article entitled “The Paradise Frontier” provides strong supporting documentary evidence of the treaty existence in 1648 between the founding fathers on behalf of the people of the Dutch and French parts of the island over 400 years.

  The ancestors used the stones to inscribe the Treaty of Concordia so that it will not be removed and destroyed by anyone in the future. The Treaty of Concordia is one of the oldest treaties in the western world. It is truly a tourist attraction for visitors, and a masterpiece of history preserved and inscribed on statues at the borders. St. Maarten should celebrate a treaty day for one of the oldest monuments in history, and a public holiday to bring historians from all parts of the world to celebrate it. The treaty is not a frame of mind, it has existed for real between the borders of Dutch and French parts.

  The Frontier Treaty must be part of the World Heritage Sites. This is why it is constructed by pillars and engraved in cement wording. There should be no other treaty superseding this one. Finally, the Treaty of Concordia must be amended and upgraded to be used in schools as part of the social studies curriculum. It should also be included in the world heritage sites as a famous protected historical monument. No other treaty must supersede this one.

Joseph Harvey

The Daily Herald

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