The mysteries of the imbalance of portfolios are unfolding

Dear Editor,
There is no need for the population to keep on wondering why the portfolios of the ministries are so unevenly distributed. It is plain to see that NA is pursuing its get-rich scheme and MP Rolando Brison’s (UP) major intention is to throw Theo to the curb and take over the Green Machine completely. Is it not what the people are witnessing today?
From the get-go, several members from UP and NA knew exactly how they were going to play this deceitful game. They knew who the key players would be, what role they will play and to what extent. The objectives in the first paragraph are the deciding factors of their approach to governing and the motives that clarify their behaviours.
In the beginning, some political pundits were predicting that this coalition will last no more than 8 months, because their ideologies do not mesh. But little did these analysts know that their interpretation of the traditional values, would be exempt from this governing period. For this reason, it is very surprising to see that MP Hyacinth Richardson, a man who is deep in his faith, goes along with the wrong doings of his party.
The decision by her own party leader to dethrone Chairlady Grisha Heyliger-Marten is not about her performance, it’s all about executing his role to maintain the power of the status quo. Why was MP Rolando Brison chosen to be “the bridge” for both parties? It is not because of his ability to manage the affairs of parliament; it is because of his ruthless capability to use and destroy anyone who gets in his way.
The hidden dossier is an example of his callousness, supported by Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. So, how could she consistently address the issue of honesty to this society? Prime Minister Jacobs, “Honesty is the result of strength; hypocrisy is the result of weakness.” Remember that, “Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”
At first, it was hard to accept the constant betrayal of Prime Minister Jacobs, the person that I once admired deeply. But, I’m reminded of an article that appeared in the opinion page of this newspaper a few months ago, when the writer said, “Be careful who we admire.” This is such a true statement because more often than not, these are the ones who disappoint us the most.
Imagine, Theo established the UP party. But because of his legal issues, he was forced to recruit a leader, in the person of MP Rolando Brison. Today, the UP party has gone to the dogs and Theo has absolutely no control over the board nor the leader himself. NA can rejoice over the fall of the UP party, their biggest political rival, but should be reminded that this crooked game has led to the collapse of NA as well.
As their relentless desire to remove Chairlady Grisha Heyliger-Marten intensifies, the quest of this government is becoming more evident. Their hunger for power is endless, but they camouflage their actions by constantly throwing the notion of “working for the people” into the mix, just to pacify the population. No matter what they do, they will still be branded as the sleaziest government in the history of St. Maarten.
Don’t forget that a plotter is a flip-flopper and a conniver is a destroyer! So, if it is okay with NA to reinstate a drug addict as the president of parliament, or is ready to appoint MP Sidharth Bijlani to this position, then there is absolutely no need to maintain the Ministry of Education!

Joslyn Morton

The Daily Herald

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