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Dear Editor,

  I am aware that there are more and more people who realize that not everything that is said by politicians is kosher. on Tuesday, I went to pick up something to eat and I sensed that two of the clients' attention was on me. When they were leaving one of them came over to me and said: "Mr. Russell, you should ask Grisha why Sint Maarten does not want solar energy.”  It was not someone who I had spoken to in the past, so I just smiled and he left.  That was his observation, but I, in turn, would suggest that now that the DP is in campaign mode, we should ask those who we definitely know could give us the answer to that question, to let us know.

  I think that it would be difficult for Wescot, who has served us for so long in several capacities, to deny knowing the real reason Sint Maarten refuses to embark on the use of solar energy even though all the rest of the former islands of the Netherlands Antilles, since 2015/2016 are using solar energy. Everyone who gets G.E.B.E. water and electricity bills knows that the fuel clause is higher than the energy consumption.

  Because of the craze of mobile phones, I would dare state that anybody could Google 'Solar Energy' and read the explanation thereof. If G.E.B.E. is a government-owned  company and government is there for the people, a people of which 70 percent are living just on or below the poverty line, why no solar energy for Sint Maarten?.

  So, yes, I do not think that after so many years of taking advantage of the people, this should continue.  I did not hold a conversation with that young man, so I will not venture to ask Grisha that question. I know that very little hides in Sint Maarten and that anytime the schoolchildren say something, it might not be hundred percent correct. But it surely gives credence to the saying, "There is no smoke without fire".

  So, summarizing: DP is revived, several veteran politicians were present at the launching, Grisha has joined the links of DP and seems to be playing a leading role. Your editorial and all of this put together leads me to believe that that young man may be on point with his observation.

Russell A. Simmons

The Daily Herald

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