Stop pit-bull breeds (and other neglected species)

Dear Editor,

  Chained dogs are neglected or abused dogs. Most of times since they are puppies, they are permanently chained, for life. Typically this means the dog is rarely provided water; unlikely to have suitable shelter; inadequately fed proper food; infested with fleas or worms; unregistered nor micro-chipped; timid or aggressive around people due to limited human interaction; never exercised, groomed or bathed.

  Dogs need to mate at least once every 6 months, if not they become frustrated and nerved, leading in aggressiveness and frustration. Owners refuse to have them neutered or spayed. They live in the 15th century where population needed to be naturally extended. Actually there is an “overpopulation” in a contrast of human “poor education”.

  A friend told me that one day there was a children’s party in the neighborhood where no fenced walls were built as yet. The neighbors next door left a small chained dog for the first time; it was desperately crying, barking louder, could be hear 200 meters or more. Even with the children’s joyful noise, the dog kept on crying. Nobody – anybody went to help the desperate dog!

  There was easy access at dog location; owners were off island, a family member left to take care of the small dog but decided to chain it outside, locked doors and windows, no way to contact the caretaker. The small dog’s suffering lasted all night, it was totally ignored from start to end until the party was over! All night, small dog was crying, it was almost impossible to sleep thinking what to do. Next day a volunteer decided to take the little dog for a walk violating the property privacy, and returned it a couple of hours later. The education parents could transfer to their kids “not to ignore animal suffering”!

  This is the very sad situation with chained pit-bulls. People have to be carefully cautious, it could be dangerous to confront dog’s owner on this circumstance. Families that adopted these dogs and have kids, it’s generally a dangerous combination. Their frustration could be bigger for the dogs, simply because kids must have preference. Parents don’t find the time to teach their kids to be compassionate and create a good environment between dogs and family.

  In order to raise awareness of these “forgotten” dogs, public awareness and persistent “education” on this issue is extremely “urgent” and important. There should be a time declared as “Unchain a Dog” Month. It is urgently needed to help all lonely, neglected dogs in your neighborhood.

  To call an authority if a dog’s life is in immediate danger is an ordeal, still we can try. Authorities are busy with many other issues. If chaining could be declared illegal there could be hope for the suffering of all dogs within torturing circumstances in all Caribbean islands. It is important to analyze if European ordinances related to the protection of animal life could be applied. We need to look up if those laws exist and could be applied locally.

  Educate your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers about the suffering that chained dogs endure. Pit-bull dogs are given in adoption to non-compassionate or low level sensitivity people who do not care for animal suffering, not remorse not signs of caring of their loneliness and tormentors chains.

  Given in adoption to low level or uneducated people that do not care about hot tiny uncomfortable improvised house without shade, not if the dog is almost burning into this small house being a terrible torment that seems to be interminable.

  Many neglected dogs’ lives could have been forever changed if someone cared enough to offer to take them for a walk or give them toys and treats and some much-needed love! You could be that someone and make a world of difference.

  The best way to help chained dogs is to work with country legislators to ban chaining. How to get the resources to help someone.

  Dog fights, although illegal, still organized on clandestine places. Unfortunately, before these fights, dogs have to be trained within a bloody environment. And the other victims were small dogs or other species. Dog-fight trainers and trainees can live without any remorse or compassion.

  Encourage our family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to call, write, and meet with their local associations or foundations dedicated to defend animals. Request the creation of a dog-chaining ordinance.

  Need for chaining laws: For example, a ban on chaining is preferable to a time limit on chaining and the surrounded conditions.

  People can’t imagine how healthy is to walk their dogs. Families with kids should share this activity, especially if dogs are in a close small cage or space where they can barely move or feel lonely. Teach kids to improve our environment.


Name withheld at author's request.