St. Maarten government on Dutch side is weak

Dear Editor,

  The Dutch-side economy is what has St. Maarten/St. Martin alive. I must say it, our government has a bunch of weak people. We should also close our border to protect our St. Maarten people from those Europeans bringing COVID-19 on the Dutch side. Furthermore, we should block Air France and let them know they have to use the Grand Case airport to fulfill the French-side requirement because passing through the Dutch side, according to the prefet, presents a major risk.

  Sorry for all the French people that work on the Dutch side, you should not come on the Dutch side to work because you present a risk also when going back to the French side, according to your prefet.

  Our government in Dutch St. Maarten is a waste to let a European woman control and dictate for us all from her side. Quite frankly you all are a bunch of [weaklings – Ed.].

  Her behavior is unacceptable. If the Franco-Dutch treaty does not benefit the St. Maarteners/St. Martiners with Dutch and French nationality the time to abolish it is now.

  People in French St. Maarten, your side is the problem. You have to stand up to that woman to defend your relationship with the Dutch side. We must never let a French European foreigner tell us how to run our business. Slavery days are long over.

  Our government on the Dutch side, now is the time I want to see strength in defending us. You all want to be independent, you all cannot represent yourself so how can you do it for us. If I was in charge, my response to her would be doing the same thing on my side. We will see who needs whom the most.

  I am The Patriot Miguel Arrindell and approve this message.


The Patriot Miguel Arrindell