Sarah be wise, be wise

Dear Editor,

I am encouraging Sarah to be wise over and over again. Did you see what l saw? They put Sarah president of Parliament to uproot her political knowledge.

If the USP party did win one seat or more, NOW party will form the government with NA and USP and name the airport under Vance James. The public encouraged UP party to join with NA, which they did.

Now tell me why DP and PFP allowed UP party to be in opposition?

Excellent DP and UP party and voters will never forget the leader of URSP supported NA to put out Emil Lee.

Lack of performance from these four parties with two seats should not get on a voting list next election.

Great challenges are ahead. We will be monitoring both parliamentarians and government 24/7. Voters will fix you all up next election.

Cuthbert Bannis

The Daily Herald

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