Open letter to Honourable VROMI Minister Egbert Doran

Minister for VROMI Honourable Doran,
The people from Middle Region need your attention concerning the sewage metal covers. Between Romeo Drive to A.J. Richardson Drive on the main road of Middle Region they are very noisy at day and night, 24/7. The covers need to be properly sealed to decrease the noise when vehicles drive upon them.
Also, the road lights on poles M-23 and M-24 are not lighting. See what you can do very soon to get the situation fixed for the people from Middle Region.
Middle Region is not a ghetto: please take out all these red pipes, cables and concrete columns off both sides of the sidewalks.
We heard you plan to pave Basseterre Road. This sounds great, excellent. And also, on behalf of Middle Region Community Council, A.J. Richardson Drive needs to be paved also 150 feet from its entrance.
Also, at the Richard Drive there is a river every time it rains; it needs to be taken care of by government at all times; the people need government’s assistance.
Minister, the water meters for the people at Basseterre, Richard Drive and A.J. Richardson Drive are too far from the homes. Minister, take out the water meters from the main road and bring the water meters nearer to the residence.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation, Minister. Middle Region is looking out for your kind help.

Cuthbert Bannis

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