NRPB director is not functioning and should go packing!

Dear Editor,

  First I would like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity too clear the air concerning the shelters project, after reading The Daily Herald on Saturday, June 20, 2020, where it was mentioned there was a tender via NRPB [National Recovery Program Bureau – Ed.] for 4 shelters to be repaired, and Windward Roads was awarded to repair these shelters.

  Confident Construction BV was awarded 13 shelters through NRPB and the contract was signed between NRPB and CCBV on August 7, 2019. The period to complete these 13 Shelters was 2 months, when the bill of quantities was incomplete on the side of NRPB, in which a new BOQ quotation was submitted by CCBV.

  During the period of 2 months the project was delayed by the NRPB insurance consultant. He refused to accept the insurance policy the local insurance company provided. There were several discussions between the consultant and the local insurance, and at one point the consultant disappeared for two weeks and delayed communications and the project extremely. Without having the insurance in place, the World Bank would not approve for the contractor to commerce the works. This went on until the insurance that CCBV paid for at the time expired. 

  The first week of December 2019, CCBV decided to carry on works at 3 shelters, which includes 3 of the shelters that WWR now has been awarded. 

  On February 20, 2020, NRPB called an urgent meeting with CCBV, when CCBV nor the internal attorney of NRPB knew nothing about. During this meeting NRPB senior program manger in the presence of the director informed CCBV that the company breached the contract based on documentation, which was totally not the case, because CCBV had submitted all documents and even if CCBV was late to submit documents, CCBV would inform the supervising company ICE. In accordance to the contract CCBV hasn’t breached the contract, it’s because of emotions and misinformation from ICE, NRPB terminated (opzegging) the contract with CCBV and called it breach of contract, when NRPB has no legal ground to stand on!

  Furthermore, CCBV had a contract with NRPB to repair 14 private homes of which 2 homes still need two weeks to be completed, which is extra work and was stipulated in the contract. Because of the Corona lockdown CCBV was forced to stop works with the intention to continue after the Corona situation is over, but NRPB refused for CCBV to continue, even though NRPB external supervising company advised NRPB to grant CCBV permission to continue the works for two weeks and complete the final touches of the two last homes. Besides, NRPB still owes CCBV monies for works that were executed and refused to pay the company up until today. 

  The bid of July 29, 2019, CCBV submitted the best price with all documentation for 150 homes repair project, but the contract was awarded to another company who didn’t complete its documentation. 

  It’s sad to say that NRPB has an agenda and prefers to award projects to WWR, LICCOM, BETON instead of local contractors who can do the job or even better. In my opinion the director of NRPB is not functioning and should pack bags and leave and should be replaced with someone who can handle the people of St. Maarten business.


Roberto I. Arrindell

Managing Director of CCBV