God bless St. Martin

Dear Editor,

  Almighty Father, on this celebration of St. Martin Day we humbly lift up to You our country and our leaders. We beseech You, dear Lord, to bestow your blessing on our country so that it may be bountiful and productive, free from unemployment, hunger, and poverty. Protect us from natural disasters and crime.  Bless our leaders so that they may administer the affairs of our country with integrity, honesty, free from lust of power and money; free from partisanship and partiality.

  May our leaders abide in You as You abide in us, dear Lord, so that they may conduct our affairs in accordance to Your will for us. We pray, dear Lord, that our citizens, especially our young people, may grow to know You and serve You.  We pray that they may reject all negative influences on their lives.

  Spread Your Holy Spirit across the land so that this nation St. Martin may be one which lives to the honour and glory of Your name. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


Russell A. Simmons