Clusters of guardian angels

Dear Editor,

  Whenever there is a crisis, it does not take much for community-minded persons to plunge into action and remain committed until the job is done. These are the guardian angels, who consistently supply the needs of the vulnerable, without looking for any form of compensation. Their gifts of love and compassion are the instruments that drive their actions.

  In March, when the “pandemic” began to surface, and panic took center stage, no one could have anticipated that the island would have fared so well. Looking back, it was as if each guardian angel had a written, yet invisible schedule to follow. Not knowing the outcome of the situation, nor how the year would end, their only focus was to tackle the problem and get the job done.

  Bravo to all of them, who have contributed to the success of maintaining such calm, in this unprecedented economic catastrophe. These guardian angels gave a piece of their heart; therefore, such kindness cannot go unnoticed. There are so many, but the ones who captured my attention are the various foundations that provided and distributed the food packages throughout the community.

  Their overwhelming love and dedication were reinforced by volunteers with kindred spirits. What if this aspect of the recovery process was missing, and the government was left with the burden to provide for its jobless population? Taking a hard look at the amount of packages that were given out, what was the actual cost of this operation that saved the government from collapsing and igniting a second pandemic?

  Keeping with the theme: there is no compensation that can equate to the job that teachers were forced to perform, during these turbulent months. Only love for the children and commitment to the profession kept the educational system from crashing. However, the online schooling has shifted education to a different level, and it behoves the Minister of Education to have an in-depth study of how this new phenomenon can enhance the ministry.

  Often ignored are the silent individual donors, who were just as impactful. No matter how small their contribution, whether it was in the form of money, household goods, hugs or words of encouragement; this consistent reaching out to the less fortunate was critical. It is for reasons like these why the Mental Health Foundation was such a vital component in this rescue and healing process.

  As a community, “Let us not become weary in doing good …” because “actions will always tell the truth.”

Joslyn Morton