Call the doctor!

Dear Editor,

How healthy are you, Simpson Bay? Over the past 2 years you have been slowly looking a little cloudy, dingy, and have lost your crystal clear appeal.

The small and large fish that once delighted your fringes are no longer apparent, your reefs are diminished.

You are a true gem on this special little island paradise. Many thousands travel from every corner of the globe to see you, world famous, one would say. So, who is looking out for your good health? Which governmental island agency is responsible for managing and protecting your wellness while providing transparency?

On March 1st, during the Heineken Sailing Regatta, I was on the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina property and observed an approximately 5-inch pipe dumping at a high velocity, 'unwanted liquids' into Simpson Bay for at least 4 hours. Who knows how long this actually continued and how often it occurs? NO ONE should be pumping their 'no longer wanted' liquids overboard into Simpson Bay or the Lagoon. Violators should be reprimanded and fined.

Approximately 6 weeks ago, a storm washed a sailboat ashore on Simpson Bay Beach. She still remains there complete with fuel and oil and other environmental hazards. Who will remove this boat along with her pollutants, and when?

There are many who enjoy the bay and lagoon, local islanders, tourists, kids, mega yachts, work boats, sailboats, pleasure craft, ferry boats, dinghies, jet skis, cargo boats, divers, snorkellers, kite surfers and dogs. And on occasion, horses that do not wear poop bags.

These are just a few of the combinations that can contribute to the contaminants that affect the decline of water quality, reef preservation and aquatic wellness and vibrancy of Simpson Bay.

This is a serious matter and the ramifications are beginning to show. Simpson Bay is losing her sparkle and good health. Who will help her?

Hopefully, this letter will challenge the caring public and the government to initiate a true change and provide substantial and creative awareness and urgent solutions to preserve a natural treasure, an economic generator and tourist attraction.

To save the fate of the once stunning, glorious aqualine waters of Simpson Bay and her beach, who is going to implement 'the wellness plan' and save her from an unnecessary necroscopy?


Initials used at author’s request.

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