Belair health hazard at Emerald Funeral Home

Dear Editor,

  On behalf of the Belair community, in July 2021 we did urge Minister Ottley by letter to investigate the recurrent burning activities at the Emerald Funeral Home in Cay Hill, because there are several complaints from residents about heavy smoke and an awful stench coming from this establishment on a regular basis.

  Although his ministry replied that the minister is going to look into this, up to now no answers were provided and the stench is going on and on and on up ’til this day, day and night.

  Once again, we want to bring this under his attention, and this time by approaching the media.

  Can we get answers as to what is going on, since we are worried about our health?

  What is the cause of this recurring smoke and stench?

  What kind of hazardous toxins are being released in the air by this smoke?

  Is a crematorium presently being operated at this location?

  If so, were all the correct procedures followed prior to its initiation?

  Does it meet the required environmental standards for operation in a residential area?

  If so, is there documentation available to verify this?

  What will be done to eliminate this major health hazard?

  We trust our Minister of Health will do what is necessary to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the residents in Belair and surroundings and start to investigate this matter real seriously by holding Emerald Funeral Home accountable.

The Board of the Hillside Foundation