An exemplary legacy

Dear Editor,

  In life, a person creates the legacy that he or she wants to leave behind; but not very often one can identify someone who has served in such a capacity that fits the title above. When an individual consistently exhibits this extraordinary performance, it is difficult to hold back the thoughts that support this heading.

  Too often when a person leaves one institution to work for another, but especially for an organization of a higher caliber, his or her attitude changes, depending on the position that is being offered. Either he or she becomes egoistically bloated or that individual chooses the path to observe, learn and appreciate the opportunity to grow.

  Fortunately for the community, our highly admirable Secretary-General of Parliament Nancy Guishard-Joubert has demonstrated that the quality of her character always supersedes the title of her profession. Truly, this public servant understands the principles of integrity and practices them with decency and neutrality.

  Nancy Guishard-Joubert journeyed into parliament when the institution was in the building-up stage. But, her work experiences at the Department of Legal Affairs, where the laws intertwine with those of parliament, gave her that jumpstart to transition easily into her current position as Secretary-General.

  It has been eight years of consistent dedication of herself to parliament and the wider community. Nancy Guishard-Joubert does her work with no fanfare nor has she been hostile towards any politician, whether he or she is a minister or an MP. Actually, during the many public meetings, one can see how she consistently expresses the responsibility of fairness and politeness.

  Not everyone has the ability to manage conflicts, but it is obvious that the standard of good conduct is a principle that the Secretary-General values very highly. Without a doubt, what really stands out is her professionalism – the way she is able to manoeuver in such a politically charged environment as parliament, without leaning towards any political party.

  When someone can execute his or her task without exhibiting political affiliation, it reveals maturity, wisdom and proficiency. Does this kind of work ethics occur just like that? No! It takes a well-grounded, diligent, poised, well-disciplined and impartial individual to demonstrate such elevated level of competence.

  Nancy Guishard-Joubert will be leaving a legacy that will be difficult to match. But as she extends her career into the private sector, one can only envisioned that she will take with her the same work ethics, so that the public can continue to be served by another genuine professional.


Joslyn Morton