An easy choice

Dear Editor,

I had to laugh out loud. In Friday’s paper was the usual nonsense from our good friend, world commentator, self-appointed life coach and critic Russell Simmons … a man incapable of writing less than 10,000 words and still not able to make a coherent point from any of it. In this case his target was our own Mr. Cuthbert Bannis … a man who is the antithesis of Mr. Simmons. The difference? Easy. What Mr. Simmons preaches in his endless incoherent prose that is hardly ever worth reading, Mr. Bannis makes understood clearly and unambiguously in just a few sentences.

More importantly, Cuthbert is almost always precisely on point and correct in his observations as opposed to Mr. Simmons who is almost as universally wrong assuming the reader can actually ever make sense of what he is trying to say in his diatribes.

You picked the wrong target to criticize, Russell. Cuthbert’s ability behind the keyboard simply highlights your total ineptitude. To anyone interested, I recommend reading the work of both and decide who is more credible to believe … it’s an easy choice.

Steven Johnson

The Daily Herald

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