A trip to our SXM Dump

Dear Editor,

So Sunday morning I load up 7 bags of cut garden grass and tree clippings on my pickup and drive them to our town dump. At the entrance a security guard looks up from his cell and asks me where I am coming from, what’s in the bags and what is my name. I tell him: “Cole Bay, grass.” The gentleman then gets up, comes to the pickup window and says: “Your name?” I ask: “Why.” Answer: “Because I need to know your name.” I say: “Mike” and ask: “Why you need to know my name?” Answer: “Because I need your name. Suppose there is a dead body in one of those bags?” So I say: “Thank God I gave you a fake name. Now the police will never catch me,” and drive onto the dump.

When I get to the top of the mountain, a big loader is doing its thing and I get as close as is safely possible, back up and start off-loading by bags. The operator stops his huge machine and with an obvious heavy accent instructs me to reverse over a well-littered area so I can off-load even closer to heaps of other garbage.

I tell him I have on flip-flops and am not venturing into the mud and debris where I might get a nail in my foot or my tire and proceed to continue off-loading manually, while he expresses his discontent in heavy-duty Spanish. I leave him speaking with his mouth and hands, drive out the entrance where now 2 lady-security and my original man-security are all standing to give me an evil stare as I drive out. I say “Good morning” and one of the ladies returns the greeting.

Deduction: If law-abiding citizens are so harassed by dump-security and dump-loader-operators, I can understand why (except for being lazy) many persons continue to dump their garbage in the bushes all over our tourist destination. I heard we are still the Friendly Island! Our new government has MUCH work to do!!!!


Michael J. Ferrier

The Daily Herald

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