A lot of people get very complacent about COVID-19

Dear Editor,

  As a community minded person, I am getting very “concerned” as people know the COVID-19 measures and information campaign is still relevant today as it was in the height of COVID-19 national emergency and shutdown, but a lot of people are complacent and not adhering to the public health guidelines and the proper use of masks as promoted by the Government of St. Maarten. This is a life and death situation, and everybody has a part to play by being responsible and adhering to the measures.

  People are still wearing their mask wrong under their chin, nose and even above their head even though there is information available on the proper use of masks. Mr. Editor, you can find all of this information on the Government Website, DComm mediums or Community Council Centers in the different languages. We just need to follow the health measures from Government.

  A “vast majority” of people I have seen in public are not wearing their mask properly and some not even wearing a mask or social distancing of 2 meters (6 feet) from each other in public and other areas where it concerns social gatherings by businesses. In certain grocery stores I have seen people come in without a mask and the store staff does not tell them anything

  That is where the public health and business guidelines are “extremely important” to ensure COVID-19 spread stays at a low level. Government inspectors need to continue enforcing the COVID-19 business guidelines. We are all in this together and I reiterate that everybody has to do their part including those within Government.

  Right now, Government should change the social norm to ensure people understand the importance as well as maybe providing the less fortunate with masks in their community.

  Mr. Editor, it is all about everyone making the right choices and decisions. We all have our role to play in protecting each other and the most vulnerable by being smart and adhering to the COVID-19 health measures. We cannot let our guard down.

  If we are not careful and take the new norm COVID-19 seriously, we will run the very risk of having a further increase in numbers and having to close down things again, which I know nobody wants to have.

  In closing, let us continue to remain vigilant and keep reminding the general public to keep adhering to the COVID-19 health measures and business guidelines and prepare for the 2020 hurricane season because we are all this together.


Maurice Lake