A brand-new Parliamentary year … Ohhh Boy!

Dear Editor,

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I got me some popcorn and a case of TING, ready to watch the last year and a couple of months of this St. Maarten Parliament:

A) Will Omar scoop-up Toontje’s Marijuana plan(ts) and run with it (them)?

B) Will Rolando thief Theo’s party? (I know that old habits die hard).

C) In St. Maarten’s version of Game of Thrones, also known as “Who controlling Who”, will Oneil outsmart the Casino Boss?

D) Will Jurendy really live up to his pledge to be on better behavior now that William is back, and Elections are coming?

E) Will Sarah continue to be the ‘stateswoman’ and remain “the calming voice in the wilderness”?

F) Will Melissa and Raeyhon keep on trucking calling out the lazy bums amongst their peers?

G) What will be the “Ludmillas” next moves?

H) Will it be reruns of “How Christophe beats up on his former NA colleagues after using THEIR White Line bus driven by Silveria to take him to the big salary Parliament Promised Land? Then turn-round and spit in she face???!!!!”

I) Cliffhanger: will Cookie find his lost bearings and scruples?

J) How does Chanel prevent Toontje from getting back his seat?

K) What will Akeem’s reward be?  A few of Oneil’s gold pieces?

L) Who will throw Grisha a lifeline?

M) How hard is Leona Romeo laughing right about now?!?

SXM Parliament has it all. Comedy, drama, suspense, mystery, thrillers and chillers. Grab a seat, settle in and enjoy the show!

Michael J. Ferrier

The Daily Herald

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