YCPDP hosted a farmer’s market

YCPDP hosted a  farmer’s market

Farmer’s market attendees browsing through the stalls and buying fresh produce.

COLE BAY--Yacht Club Port De Plaisance (YCPDP) hosted a farmer’s market on Wednesday morning, March 24, as the first event in its Farm to Yacht Programme.

  YCPDP said its goal was to have an open-air farmer’s market where residents and private yachts can purchase locally grown fresh food and related essentials.

  The Farm to Yacht Programme sources produce from local growers and is exclusive to YCPDP’s Beyond Dockage Concierge Service, it was stated in a press release issued by YCPDP on Friday.

  “The Beyond Dockage Concierge Service connects directly with the local farmers who follow responsible and sustainable practices to bring fresh, delicious produce to yacht chefs. … [The – Ed.] service was designed to work with captain and crew to provide everything they need,” said YCPDP.

  “Local and organic produce is very much in demand within the yachting industry. To accommodate our St. Maarten farmers, this event created opportunities for our local farmers to showcase their island-grown produce,” said YCPDP concierge manager Ichel Moeslikan. “Our goal is to showcase that our island has farmers with standards and products that meet the standards of the yachting clientele.”

  “There are so many reasons why buying local makes sense. There is also significant peace of mind in knowing where our food comes from,” said chef Louise Martin of sailing vessel Whisper.

  “A farmer’s market is a good opportunity for the community to connect. It allows our customers to buy from and support our local farmers and producers, thus contributing to our local economy,” said Marine Management and Consulting Group of Companies director Sharrita Mills.

  “It was a challenge to have a market this season. We implemented additional measures to keep our vendors, customers and staff healthy and safe,” said Marine Management and Consulting Group of Companies operations director Jesse Peterson. “This event highlighted the essential role local farmers play in our food supply. It is more important than ever to support our local farmers during this global crisis, and we are committed to continue to support.”

  Because of the perceived success of the first event last week, YCPDP said farmer’s markets will continue to take place throughout the yachting high season. 

  “I would like to congratulate my team on a job well done,” said Marine Management and Consulting Group of Companies managing director Jeff Boyd. “We are grateful for the support of all attendees and the local farmers. Launching our new Farm to Yacht Programme will be essential to the yachting industry in St. Maarten as we strive to offer new services.”