US Party expels MP Brownbill

US Party expels MP Brownbill

PHILIPSBURG--The Board of the United St. Maarten Party (US Party) has terminated the membership of its Member of Parliament (MP) Chanel Brownbill from the party, in accordance to Article 8, paragraph 1, sections c, d and e of the articles of incorporation. 

  Brownbill has been expelled from the US Party and consequently no longer enjoys the support of the party.

  The party said it had assured the public and party members that it would surround MP Brownbill with support in the Parliamentary faction that could effectively and efficiently assist him with serving the country while delivering on the party's priorities as presented to the people of St. Maarten.

  "Upon the official selection by the EC [Electoral Council -Ed.] of MP Brownbill as the substitute MP for [former US Party, then Independent] MP [Claudius] Buncamper, we had a discussion with MP Brownbill on the party’s strategy moving forward. We agreed to keep the lines of communication open and fluid, we also agreed to appointing a candidate of his choice and the President of the Party who is experienced in government work on the legislative and executive levels and would be vital help to MP BrownBill with decision making and improving his work and functioning in Parliament," the board explained.

  The board said communication streams were established to facilitate the MP being open and transparent in addition to meeting to discuss the parties position. "The MP consistently deviated from the parties position with motivations deemed unjustified by the board and the leader, as it relates to the best interest of the country," it was stated in a press release.

  "Missed deadlines set by the MP on staffing of the faction office were blamed on administrative delinquencies in Parliament. The party has since learned that the MP employed the driver of the UP leader as a staff member in the US Party faction office within the first week of him being sworn in, without notification or discussion. Someone without the knowledge and experience the party considers vital for promoting the parties platform as promised to the people. His second appointment is allegedly someone he is in a personal relationship with. These developments and his consistent votes against the party's positions have effectively created a political divide," it was stated in the release.

 "After meeting with and discussing with the MP his decisions not to appoint a US Party representation in the faction office, added to his misleading communications and obvious nonsupport of the US Party platform, the party is left with no other choice, but to distance itself from MP Brownbill and declare that the MP no longer has the support of the US Party," the board said.

  The party said this is the third MP that has decided not to be a team player, but believes that pleasing others is more important to them than fulfilling what was promised to the people.

  "US Party believes in one voting their conscience, but if you are part of a political organisation and it is the collective votes of the party that afforded you the opportunity to represent the party on behalf of its supporters, then your decisions should also reflect said organisation and its supporters. Discussions on the party platform and priorities, as they relate to our Parliamentary positions and eventual vote, should not be undervalued and the party's opinions should not be ignored and rendered irrelevant," the board concluded.

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