US, Canadian citizens have opportunity to return home

US, Canadian citizens have  opportunity to return home

ANGUILLA--US citizens who have been in Anguilla since the closure of the borders on March 20 are being given an opportunity to leave the island. Governor Tim Foy, the government of Anguilla and the Anguilla Air and Sea Ports Authority have been in consultation with the US Embassy in Barbados and approved the repatriation flights to allow citizens and permanent residents of the US to leave.

This will be facilitated by Seaborne Airlines/Silver Airways that is arranging a flight from Anguilla to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday, April 4. The flight will not be allowed to bring in passengers. Eligible persons are advised to take advantage of this opportunity as otherwise they will have to stay in Anguilla until restrictions are lifted.

In addition there is an opportunity for Canadian citizens to repatriate on April 4 through the Canadian High Commission in Barbados. A charter is being organised in conjunction with LIAT to travel from Anguilla to Barbados and to travel on an Air Canada flight to Toronto the same day. This arrangement will cater to 31 persons and is still to be confirmed with LIAT.