UP Board: Hearsay trial produces hearsay verdict

UP Board: Hearsay trial  produces hearsay verdict


PHILIPSBURG--The board of the United People (UP) party on Friday aid that the “hearsay trial” of party founder Theo Heyliger resulted in a “hearsay verdict”, and hopes Heyliger's legal team appeals the verdict forthwith. “We are disappointed, but the fight is not over,” the board said in a press release issued Friday afternoon.

  The board, in its first response to the verdict in the Larimar Case, maintained its position that despite years of creating negative and false impressions about Heyliger, the prosecutor’s office did not present any physical evidence of wrong-doing.

  Instead, the board said, the prosecutor and now judge went with the "gospel word" of nefarious Dutch contractors and a middle man who was given a deal to testify against Heyliger as a crown witness.

  This crown witness who orchestrated everything, the board said, received just 36 months. "It's a joke and judicial tragedy," the board said. "The judge took the word of two men fighting for their lives and capable of saying anything, as gospel. No proof, nothing. This is what we have come to in St. Maarten," the board said

  Nevertheless, the board added, by law once an appeal is in you are innocent until proven guilty still. "Theo and his legal team as well as his family still have a fighting chance for things to be set right and for justice to prevail fairly. It remains an uphill battle but he and his family has shown resilience in the constant onslaught to destroy them.

   "They are fighters and the board of the UP will continue to support its founder throughout, believe in his innocence and continue to anticipate his full acquittal.”