Teachers urged to push forward  

Teachers urged  to push forward   

UNESCO representative for St. Eustatius and Teacher Awards Gala coordinator Christina Timber Glover with teacher Rhea Courtar during the 2019 first Teachers Awards Gala. (File photo)

ST. EUSTATIUS--As the spotlight is placed on educators around the world for World Teachers Day today, Monday, October 5, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) representative for St. Eustatius, Christina Timber-Glover urges educators on the island to push forward.

  Timber-Glover told The Daily Herald that October 5 “is a day when we recognise and pay tribute to our teachers, the mother of all professions, and let them know how valuable and how much they are appreciated.”

  The theme for this year’s World Teachers Day is “Teachers: Leading in crisis: reimagining the future”.

  During this time of uncertainties when the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic many teachers, including teachers in Statia, are called to lead in crisis, in many aspects of the teaching profession – leading in being creative, reaching every student, ensuring every student’s needs are being met while ensuring that learning never stops and learning gaps are mitigated.

  The challenge now, Timber-Glover said, is for all for all stakeholders to think beyond COVID-19, ensuring that teachers are equipped to lead in crisis, that all teachers are equipped with digital skills and a safe work environment. “Now is the time to value our teachers for their continued commitment and dedication especially during this time,” Timber-Glover said.

  The second Annual Teachers Awards Gala should have been held on October 3, but had to be postponed to a later date due to the developments surrounding COVID-19. The first Teachers Awards Gala was held last year and was said to have been very successful.

  Many teachers expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for this year’s Awards Gala. At the Awards Gala, teachers will receive awards in different categories. Many stakeholders have expressed their eagerness to be directly involved in the event, including SPICE Foundation, which will be sponsoring the Community Elected Teacher 2020.

  Foundation For Reinforcing Education, Performing Arts and Literature and Culture will be hosting the 2020 Awards Gala as it did last year. Timber-Glover is also the Coordinator of the awards event and is encouraging all teachers to keep their excitement and enthusiasm on a high note, because even with the event postponed, it will be great and the atmosphere will be even greater.

  “As you celebrate World Teachers Day know and recognise that you continue to be the foundation for education. Empower yourself to meet the challenges of a new educational era, while doing your utmost to keep safe,” Timber-Glover said.