Prisoners on strike

Prisoners on strike

WILLEMSTAD—Inmates of Curaçao’s SDKK prison went on strike. Since the COVID-19 crisis, they claim having been left to their own fate in overcrowded cells of 4-6 men each.

  According to them guards do not wear gloves or masks. Social workers do not appear to solve problems.

  Cleaning products are not available, and the food has also been bad in recent days. The detainees say they have been without recreation or work for a month and demand better protection, while some near the end of their term want to be sent home earlier so more space is created

  Meanwhile, according to police, crime on the island has fallen considerably as a result of the various anti-coronavirus measures. This includes theft, burglaries, and robberies.

  The decline can be seen from the first measures government took to keep people at home.