Préfet condemns attempts to block French Quarter and Sandy Ground

Préfet condemns attempts to block  French Quarter and Sandy Ground

MARIGOT—Préfet Serge Gouteyron on Friday condemned the ongoing attempts of the past two days to block the roads in Sandy Ground and French Quarter.

  “These actions seriously damage the image of the "Friendly Island" and discredit the reputation of the island internationally,” he said in a statement. “This behaviour that is abundantly covered on social networks, shows that those controlling the roadblocks use discriminatory methods that go against the very ideas they claim to defend:  tolerance, respect for differences, and flout the essential values of the Republic.”

  He added: “Following the multiple crises of the last few years, all those of good will have mobilised and invested to save the integrity of our society. Unfortunately, all these efforts are threatened and our shared life together is in danger. The demands of the demonstrators and methods used at the roadblocks are not only illegal but also morally unacceptable.”

  The préfet said it is urgent that social peace returns within the framework of peaceful discussions with all the relevant actors in the area (elected representatives, social and professional workers and representatives of associations and neighbourhood councils).

  He reminded that he is still waiting for the proposals to be presented to him by the collectives, and this for several weeks now, so that he can then, in liaison with the elected representatives of the Collectivité, study them.

  “An island divided against itself cannot survive. Let us unite for the good of St. Martin,” he concluded.

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