Préfecture clarifies conditions for essential travel during curfew

Préfecture clarifies conditions for  essential travel during curfew

MARIGOT—The Préfecture on Saturday reminded that the curfew to start Sunday evening, May 30, prohibits travel between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am for ten days unless in possession of a waiver certificate or attestation that permits movement for the following reasons:

  --Travel between home and place of work, travel for consultations, examinations, preventive procedures and care that cannot be provided remotely or for the purchase of health products;

travel for compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable or precarious persons or for the

vulnerable people or for childcare;

  --Travel for disabled persons and their companions; traAvel to respond to a judicial or administrative summons or to go to a legal professional for an act or procedure that cannot be carried out at a distance, travel to participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority; travel related to transfers or transits to or from airports in the context of long-distance travel and being able to present the supporting ticket; and short trips for the needs of pets.

  The two certificates or attestation (personal and professional) are already on the Préfecture's website Because of the weekend and the impossibility to sign the professional certificate and print the personal certificates printed, a tolerance will be granted Sunday night.

  In addition, in order to complete the curfew measure, the Préfet has also decided to cancel all events on the French side until Tuesday, June 8, inclusive. Access to the stadium stands is strictly forbidden, except for the practice of sports activities.

  Restaurants and bars must be closed at 8:00 pm. As for the restaurants of the hotels

hotels, they will be able to welcome and serve their customers only. Access is strictly forbidden to outsiders.

  The Préfecture indicated as of May 28, some 12 persons are now hospitalised in the Louis- Constant Fleming Hospital. It is more than necessary to be aware of the risk that this strong increase of positive cases of COVID-19 represents (122 new cases over the week of May 17 to 23) in a territory with limited hospital capacities.

  The Préfet invites the population to respect the measures taken and to show civic-mindedness and solidarity towards our health system.  The vaccinodrome in Galisbay is available to inhabitants to get vaccinated. Vaccination saves lives.