PM: Some of what’s being done for Royal visit are things govt. would do anyway

PM: Some of what’s being done for Royal  visit are things govt. would do anyway

PM Silveria Jacobs.


PHILIPSBURG--The sprucing up that is being done around the country in preparation for the Royal visit are “regular things” that “we would do as a government anyway.”

  This was part of the response from Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs when asked during the live Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday about the cost of the visit. “I do not have that number in my head so I wouldn’t be able to share that with you,” she said, adding, “There are a lot of preparations being done. I can remember back in early November [2022] when the initial discussions started, some of the things that are mentioned, were just regular things that we would do as a government anyway. So, it’s not necessarily royal visit related. So, it’s things that we have to ensure that we do on a regular basis, that is for our citizens anyway. So, things like ensuring cleanliness and sprucing up different areas and we did that just before Christmas around the Government Building and areas like that,” she explained. 

  “So, the budget has been readjusted. There is a cost of course to the Government of St. Maarten. Of course, as with all of the countries hosting the royal family… and that is what it is. So, I will have to look into the committee to see where we are with the budget at this time,” she indicated. 

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