Ohndhae Marlin: ‘It is time for me to step forward to strengthen NA’

Ohndhae Marlin: ‘It is time for me  to step forward to strengthen NA’

Cloyd Ohndhae Marlin took the baton from his father William Marlin on Saturday.

PHILIPSBURG--Cloyd Ohndhae Marlin officially launched his political career on Saturday. His father, Member of Parliament (MP) William Marlin, passed on the baton of political leadership and his “black book” of political knowledge to his son, affectionately known as Ohndhae.

In his speech, Marlin senior paused for a moment of silence in honour of the late Edgar Lynch, a local political icon, and said: “I am sure a father’s pride is measured in moments like this one, but even more than pride is the confidence that I am passing the baton to competent hands that will make St. Martin a better and brighter place for all."

The launch was held at Dutch Quarter Community Center with guests pledging their support for Marlin as they entered to commemorate Marlin’s political campaign. “The jubilant crowd was filled with enthusiasm and confidence in his visionary political aspirations,” the National Alliance (NA) political party stated.

Candidate endorsements were delivered by many, including, Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, leader of the NA, who recognised Marlin’s contributions as the engine of the NA and commended his vision for selecting winning candidates whilst sacrificing his own dreams.

Jacobs pledged her continued support to Marlin, saying: “St. Maarten has gained another soldier. The soldier has come to the next level. Ohndhae has been the engine behind the National Alliance for as long as I know it. He’s helped to build all of us. It gives me pleasure to see him take this step and move to the next level. As for all the accolades that I see around, he is dedicated, he is hard-working, he knows how to find solutions.”

Also featured was a tribute in recognition of William Marlin’s 45 years of service, including the presentation of a recognition plaque by St. Maarten Patriotic Movement’s (SPM’s) original board members Leo Friday and Nilda Lynch Arduin, who served along with Richard Gibson.

Various guests emerged from the audience to present 45 white roses in recognition of Marlin Sr.’s 45 years of service, along with resounding “thank you” statements and a celebratory cake decorated with images of father and son bearing the title “The Legend and The Legacy.”

Roy Lynch, President of C4-P (Cloyd for Parliament) Campaign Committee, reflected on the historical significance of the Dutch Quarter Community Center and the contributions made by the late Edgar Lynch to the political movement, most notably the seeds of wisdom, perseverance and assertiveness planted in Ohndhae during his tenure as Lynch’s policy advisor.

In closing, Marlin Jr. delivered a speech to a cross-section of supporters that transcend generations. He welcomed onstage It’s Time Foundation and C4-P Campaign Committee board members, family, friends and supporters. During his address, he thanked all supporters, his father Marlin Sr. and other political leaders.

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