Justice Minister Lewis sends justice workers back to work

Justice Minister Lewis sends  justice workers back to work

Minister of Justice Lyndon Lewis.


PHILIPSBURG--To address pressing issues within Sint Maarten’s justice system, Minister of Justice Lyndon Lewis has undertaken steps to rectify employee suspensions and combat staff shortages. The minister has ordered department heads to annul access denial for justice workers.

The minister revealed that recent investigations brought to light a concerning practice where numerous employees were placed on “toegangontzegging” status and sent home under the pretext of pending investigations. However, many individuals remained sidelined for prolonged periods without due process, drawing full salaries without fulfilling their duties, Minister Lewis said.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Minister Lewis directed department heads to retract these measures promptly, reinstating affected employees without delay. This response not only emphasizes adherence to fair labour practices but also aims to mitigate costs while ensuring optimal functionality across Justice Ministry Departments.

Minister Lewis has instructed the reinstatement of other absent employees lacking valid justification for their absence. Highlighting the importance of justice in administration, Minister Lewis stressed the need for strict adherence to laws and regulations, ensuring transparency and fairness. This corrective action not only addresses significant oversights but also underscores a commitment to financial responsibility and optimal departmental functionality.

Looking ahead, Minister Lewis plans to engage with all affected employees to discuss future conduct and performance expectations. This proactive initiative forms part of broader efforts to restore full staffing levels and uphold responsible governance and accountability in Sint Maarten.

Minister Lewis reaffirms his dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and efficiency within the Justice Ministry, continually adjusting practices to align with legal standards and the public interest.

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